Behaviour & Discipline

Behaviour & Discipline


At Beatrice Tate School we expect high standards of behaviour and work at all times. We take a positive approach to discipline and in matters of behaviour encourage pupils to show consideration and care for people and property. Sensible behaviour and active participation in the maintenance of high standards are our aims.

Some pupils may have challenging behaviour and a behaviour management plan may be required. It is essential that parents and staff consult on this so that the plan is consistently implemented.

Clearly, we have rules, but these are kept to a minimum and based on common sense. We expect pupils to move sensibly and with purpose in the school and to bring nothing into school that would be harmful to themselves or others. Self-discipline is encouraged and good behaviour rewarded.

If there is a breach of school rules, sanctions may be applied. Discipline and behaviour are considered matters for joint cooperation between school and home, thus ensuring consistency of action.

The form tutor will deal with minor discrepancies, though these will usually be logged. More serious or persistent problems will be referred to the Deputy Headteacher. Pupils may be withdrawn from normal lessons and set to work under the direct supervision of the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher. In extreme cases, pupils may be temporarily or permanently excluded.

In School

Equal Opportunities

Beatrice Tate School will adhere to the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 by not discriminating against learners, staff, volunteers or anyone involved in external agencies the organisation may be working with on the grounds of:

  •  Sex;
  •  Race;
  •  Disability;
  •  Religion or belief; or
  •  Sexual orientation

Anti-bullying Policy

Beatrice Tate School is totally opposed to bullying in any of if its forms and it will not be tolerated in the school.


Regular attendance and punctuality is essential.

If your child is unable to attend school, it is much appreciated if you inform us of the reason on the first morning of absence. If we do not hear from you, we may telephone you at home. The school undertakes to follow up any unexplained absence as quickly as possible and the co-operation of parents is greatly appreciated.

Parents are asked not to send children to school who are feeling unwell in the morning. If a child falls ill or has an accident whilst at school, we will inform parents as soon as possible.

In the case of an emergency, children will be taken to hospital and it is expected that parents will  travel with their child to hospital. If they are not able to,  a senior member of staff from school will accompany the child to hospital and parents will take over the duty of care as soon as possible. If a child needs to go to hospital during the school day and it is not an emergency, parents will be asked to accompany them.

If parents wish to apply for a period of extended leave, they must complete an application form before making any arrangements for the holiday or trip. The school attendance policy is on the school website and application forms for extended leave are available from reception.