Family Learning Sessions for Mental Health Awareness Week May 2019

Family Learning Sessions for Mental Health Awareness Week May 2019

Beatrice Tate School invited parents to participate in some very special family learning sessions that were organised in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week (13th-19th May). Family Learning sessions are where parents or carers spend a morning at school with their child, doing a group activities with other families.

The sessions were based on the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, which are: Connect, Get Active, Be Mindful, Keep Learning and Give to Others. These 5 actions are proven to improve our wellbeing.

On the 14th of May Alice Woodhouse led a gardening session. Gardening offers young people with SEN, the opportunity to improve their motor skills, enhance creativity, increase social skills and improve self-confidence.  Gardening also reduces stress and helps people to cope with anxiety and frustration. This family learning session was focused on the sensory and therapeutic aspects of exploring gardening.

On the 16th of May we held a parent and child session inspired by the Mental Health Foundation’s Curry and Chaat events. As many of our students’ parents and carers were celebrating Ramadan that month our session focused on creating dishes to take home and share with family. The session was organised by Alice Woodhouse and led by STA Parmin Nessa. For young people with special needs, cooking can provide an opportunity to increase independence and an opportunity to learn how to eat healthily.