Science gives all pupils the opportunity to think and learn and to develop an interest and curiosity about the world around them through exploratory and investigative experiences and activities.

Pupils are provided with opportunities to access scientific concepts through different approaches in order to gain knowledge, skills and understanding of events which take place as part of everyday activities, for example when cooking, their own health and body, or in the use of materials for functional purposes.


  • Science at Beatrice Tate is taught within subject specific lessons and scheduled for one lesson per week in KS3 and KS4 for all ability groupings.
  • Science for pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties concentrates on sensory aspects of the topics. With appropriate support, pupils take part in exploration and investigation about living things, materials and processes.
  • Pupils with severe learning difficulties learn to cooperate with others through investigations and collection of evidence. They become familiar with sources, record their results and communicate their findings and ideas.
  • Science Education at Beatrice Tate is guided by the EQUALS Science Scheme of Work for Key Stages 3 and 4 and national curriculum requirements.
  • Science education is supported by trips and activities outside the school environment appropriate to individual topics.