Information Communication Technology/Computing

Communication is fundamental to all aspects of our curriculum and all aspects of the school day. The use of Information communication technology to support communication is embedded in all aspects of teaching and learning at Beatrice Tate School.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) as a timetabled subject:

  • ICT at Beatrice Tate School is taught as a specific lesson and across the curriculum in all Key Stages.
  • ICT lessons are taught in needs/ability groups.
  • ICT as a timetabled subject at Beatrice Tate is guided by the ‘EQUALS’ ICT schemes of work and national curriculum requirements*

At Beatrice Tate, a wide range of technologies are used throughout the school day and they are an invaluable part in the education of all students. All the teaching areas have Smartboards that allow all pupils to access lessons via resources shown on an interactive computer screen.

ICT is used in the majority of subjects to engage and motivate pupils and allow them access to a wide range of environments. To ensure that all pupils have equal access to ICT, Beatrice Tate school has adapted versions of keyboards, eye-tracking technology, Virtual Reality glasses and iPads that are used as personal communication aids, for sensory cause and effect or for subject specific activities, as well as for taking photos, videos and for fun and games. Pupils have access to a server based ‘Video DJ’, designed and updated by staff, to select and play music videos. We also make extensive use of projectors, switches, lighting and sound to enhance learning.

Students at Beatrice Tate now study strands of ICT (how to access technology appropriate to their ability in a productive way), as well as elementary coding (how to control game characters to achieve a specific purpose).

The termly programme of study units may be combined in different ways to respond to the specific needs and priorities of individual students or groups of students, but the year-by-year progression through the units is not compromised.