Work related learning

Work Related Learning Curriculum Statement

Beatrice Tate School is committed to Work Related Learning as a means of preparing students for an effective transition from school to adult life.

The three key concepts of the Work Related Learning curriculum are:

  1. Capability (exploring the world of work and practising work and life skills)
  • Exploring what it means to be enterprising.
  • Learning how to manage money and personal finances.
  • Understanding how to make creative and realistic plans for transition.
  1. Risk (recognising the risks in some situations, making safe choices and communicating the need for, or refusal of, help)
  • Understanding risk in both positive and negative terms.
  • Understanding the need to manage risk
  • Taking risks and learning from mistakes.
  1. Economic understanding (managing money and personal finances)
  • Understanding and accessing the local and online economic and business environment.
  • Understanding the functions and uses of money.

At Beatrice Tate School, Work Related Learning key concepts are taught across all Key Stages through Tutorial, PSHEE&C and Maths units and through everyday tasks, jobs and responsibilities.

In Key Stage 4 and 5 Work Related Learning is delivered as a timetabled subject through the following 3 strands:

  1. School community work skills e.g. work and enterprise projects including paper craft, gardening (garden-to-plate programme), textile and clothing processing and manufacture.
  2. Work and finance in the local community and online e.g. using and managing money in the community; online and market-stall marketing and retailing;
  3. In-school and out-of-school work and community experience e.g. market-stall sessions in school and the local community; work shadowing; and/or appropriately supported work experience.

The Work Related Learning curriculum also supports and develops students’ knowledge, skills and abilities to facilitate effective transition to post-school provision such as New City College (formerly Tower Hamlets College) – Move On and Encounters programmes and Social Services day provision.

Work Related Learning is overseen by a member of the Senior Leadership Team as part of the Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) curriculum team.