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Programme for Emerging Artists

Programme for Emerging Artists

The Programme for Emerging Artists supports artists who use a range of visual, audio or performative elements in their work. The programme provides training for artists giving them the opportunity to observe lessons and learn about methods of communication used in SEN schools including Singalong, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), voice software programmes and intentive interaction. The project aims to inform the artists’ work by extending how it can be accessible for those with disabilities and help the artists develop new work at an important point in their career. Artists are provided with funding to help develop their work and produce workshops for the pupils/local community that relates to these art works.

Exhibitions and related events are open to the public providing opportunities to engage pupils, parents and the local community to the programme and artists’ works.

Young people’s experience and knowledge of contemporary art is increasingly being encouraged and developed through new gallery and school led programmes as an essential part of secondary school art education. We believe that the art works installed can help pupils view the world around them in new and exciting ways.


Project Aims

  • To provide onsite accessible art for pupils
  • To support the development of new work by emerging artists at an important point in their career
  • To create links with the local community by providing open evenings and Q & A sessions with the artists
  • To provide a space for creative debate about art and art education



The Programme for Emerging Artists is supported by Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts. The funding has enabled the programme to become established offering artists the support to produce new work and receive payment for the informative workshops and talks they create in addition to work produced for the exhibitions.

The Chisenhale Gallery in east London has supported the programme since 2014 providing studio visits for the selected artists which now form an integral part of the programme in supporting the development of the artists’ work. The Chisenhale Gallery’s Offsite and Education Curator Laura Wilson has been a valued member of our interview selection panel and her support and advice has influenced the development of the programme.


For further information about the programme and upcoming events and opportunities please visit www.pfeaprojects.org