Music Education at Beatrice Tate School is taught within subject specific lessons and across the curriculum as a strategy and learning medium to reinforce other curricular areas.  Music is a creative art that can enable the pupils to become more confident and effective in their communication with others.   The pupils’ social and interaction skills, as well as their individual communication skills are continually being reinforced through all activities.  Pupils experience and take part in sessions full of songs and musical experiences in which they are encouraged to sing, play instruments, or experience and explore sensory stimuli.  Pupils are given the opportunity to play a variety of instruments independently and with the group.  They also have the opportunity to use and explore a wide variety of ICT equipment that enhances and extends their access to creative activities such as creating music, moods and sounds.

Music sessions have been supported by links with THAMES (Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Service).  In the past we have worked with Epic Arts and Drake Music on a variety of creative arts projects.  We have also worked with Live Music Now to bring live musical performances to the school to further enhance the music programmes.