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Creative Apprenticeships

Creative Apprenticeships

In addition to the Creative Arts subjects in KS4 pupils gain work experience through creative apprenticeships as part of the Work Related Learning curriculum. Within these apprenticeships pupils meet and learn new skills from adults with special needs in valued and permanent job roles.

Whether pupils plans after leaving school are to extend work training or to continue into other areas of education and care, work experience provides an opportunity for many of the pupils to understand the relationship between the skills they are learning in school and the abilities that are needed in the work place and in the wider community.

Pupils are currently working at Poetry in Wood. Poetry in Wood is a supported employment scheme for people with learning disabilities. The team works on commissions from the public and also creates paintings, prints and objects for sale. The employees participate in every aspect of the service from the initial workshops with the client, to discussing the brief, through to the design and manufacture of the work.