Community Arts

Community Arts is a series of offsite activities and workshops for pupils to learn skills from trained art, media and crafts professionals.

Community Arts is currently working in collaboration with Cubitt Gallery’s Education team, who have delivered a diverse range of artist-led activities centred around the pupils needs and abilities. Pupils express and select the art activities that they enjoy, and the skills they would like to develop in these sessions. The range of activities have included film, animation, sculpture, painting, exploring colour, nature, our local surroundings in addition to observational activities to help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  In the second half of each term pupils share what they have learnt to small local community groups and lead their own workshops from the activities they have learnt. The Community Arts projects have been delivered at Brady Arts Centre, St Andrews Wharf Youth Centre and at Mile End Arts Pavilion, a large art exhibition venue situated by the lake in Mile End Park. The photographs below are from projects delivered by artists Hayley Harrison and Charlotte Young.