Art lessons play an important role in helping the students to develop skills that are both practical and social. Students are supported and encouraged in their self-expression and creativity through participating in a range of creative activities. Lessons support the development of fine motor skills, sensory processing and independent decision making. Art lessons also provide therapeutic benefits giving students the opportunity to communicate thoughts and feelings they may otherwise struggle to express.



  • Art at Beatrice Tate School is taught on termly rotation for all year groups within the Creative Arts lessons.
  • Art lessons are taught in mixed ability class groups
  • Art teaching and learning is guided by the ‘EQUALS’ My Art schemes of work and national curriculum requirements.

Students are taught a broad range of art materials and processes through themes exploring historical and cultural art forms and practices.

  • 2D: drawing, painting, printing
  • 3D: clay, sculpture, casting
  • Textiles, animation, media art



Art plays an important role across many subjects to help those students who are unable to communicate verbally to show their understanding through hands-on creative activities.

The creative arts also help give a broader experience and understanding in whole school celebrations of historical, cultural or religious practices throughout re-enactment of art, dance or music.



The school has a designated art room, equipment and resources for students to explore a variety art forms including silk-screen printing, ceramics and sculpture. We also have a broad range of digital media equipment including cameras, iPads and computer art software.


Community Links

Students access to artists workshops and art galleries in the local and wider community is an important part of the art curriculum throughout all key stages. We have worked with many art galleries and arts organisations including: Tate Gallery, Bow Arts, Chisenhale Gallery, Brady Art Centre, Cubitt Gallery, Rich Mix cinema and Hato Press. We also organise art based family learning sessions in school for students’ parents and carers.