Humanities at Beatrice Tate School covers History, Geography and Religious Education.  Elements of MFL are also included in some lessons.

Our Humanities lessons are guided by the EQUALS History, Geography and Religious Education Schemes of Work for Key Stages 3 and 4.

For KS3 pupils, Geography and History rotate throughout the year with RE scheduled as a separate subject.  In KS4, History, Geography and RE are taught using a single curriculum map and are on a rotating schedule throughout the year.  Each subject is taught to both PMLD and SLD students.

Humanities lessons are supported by educational visits to museums, galleries and places of worship.

The Humanities department also holds regular whole school events:

  • Black History Month Assembly
  • Diwali Assembly
  • Christmas Assembly, meal and party
  • Chinese New Year classroom exchange visits
  • Eid Lunch with parents and carers
  • Global sports events i.e. Olympics, Paralympics and World Cup